Five minutes with Slava Polunin

Monday, November 27, 2017 - 00:00

Slava’s Snowshow has become something of a festive tradition for our Royal Festival Hall, and this December sees the multi-award-winning sensation back at Southbank Centre to delight audiences all over again.

Ahead of the show’s return we grabbed five minutes with the main man himself, Slava, to find out more about this year’s show, and what it takes to be a clown.

Why is Slava’s Snowshow such a success across the globe, enjoyed by audiences of all ages?

Well this is a very closely guarded trade secret. The only thing we are allowed to reveal is the fact that our team love their job and life. The playfulness that results from this is extremely contagious, and is enjoyed by our audiences night after night.

What’s different about Slava’s Snowshow for 2017?

Slava’s Snowshow was originally created on a constantly evolving platform; one whose shape and substance is defined by the performers’ personal inspiration and approach. All our performers are acting as themselves, which keeps the show fresh and alive.

How much snow is used in each show?

Enough to make everybody’s heart warm up, and want to stand up and scream with joy.

How long does it take to make a Clown?

One romantic night with a lot of love and a small dose of destiny.

Can anybody become a clown?

No. Only clowns

Is the company behind Slava’s Snowshow only made up of Russian performers?

It is an entirely Russian spirit, which is able to unify people from all across Europe and the Americas.


Described as ‘breathtakingly rich’ and ‘full of laughter’ Slava’s Snowshow is at the Royal Festival Hall as part of our Wintertime programme, from 18 December to 4 January.

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