Fat Blokes: waging a fat rebellion through dance

What does it mean to be fat in 2018? Why are fat men always funny, but never sexy? How does it feel to always be the ‘before’ shot and never the ‘after’ image?

These are just some of the questions tackled by Fat Blokes, a dance show about flab, double chins and getting your kit off in public, produced by performance artist Scottee, in collaboration with choreographer Lea Anderson, and performed by four self-identified 'fat blokes’ who’ve never done this kind of thing before.

Fat Blokes


It’s a show which isn’t about unadulterated shame or unadulterated pride. It’s a protest, it’s a demonstration, of what it is to be fat in the UK in 2018
Scottee, writer, Fat Blokes

As Scottee explains in this short preview video, Fat Blokes examines and delves into the confusing headspace of what it really is to be a fat person, and being made to feel twice the size you are by the way other people behave around you and your body. It is a show which challenges perceptions and prejudices, whilst also releasing pent-up aggression in a fat rebellion.

This is a complex issue and there are lots of contradictions within it... this is our real lived life and its not as easy as you think
Joe, performer, Fat Blokes

Fat Blokes by Scottee comes to Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room for four nights on 8 - 11 November.

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