Drumming - Colin Currie talks to Steve Reich about his work

Minimalist composer Steve Reich sits down with solo percussionist Colin Currie to talk about Reich's work, Drumming.

Steve Reich and Colin Currie - Drumming

On Friday 5 May, Reich-specialists the Colin Currie Group and Synergy Vocals present Drumming at Royal Festival Hall.

Drumming explores the themes of community and worship, and was born of research trips to Ghana undertaken by Reich. Made up of rhythmic loops which slowly evolve through subtle changes in timing and timbre, the composer's work draws on the music made by Ghana's virtuosic Ewe drummers.

In this short interview, Reich discusses the energy and enthusiasm Currie and his group brought to Drumming, and the worth having a dedicated ensemble can provide a composer. 

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When I first heard you play Drumming at Southbank, part of me said ‘this is great, this is fantastic’, and the other part of me was ‘I want to strangle this guy’
Steve Reich, on the Colin Currie Group