Dom Thomas introduces Whyte Horses Experience

‘Every gig we do, we just want it to be a special one-off,’ says Dom Thomas of Whyte Horses Experience, the group forged through his own personal search for the perfect band. Labelled as a psychedelic pop group, with live performances that draw on the influence of 1960s TV specials and avant-garde cinema, and include a rich helping of special guest appearances, it’s easy to see how Whyte Horses' stage presence fits with Thomas’ mantra about what a live gig should offer.

Ahead of their second ever London performance, here at Southbank Centre, Thomas sat down with us to explain how this very unique group were quite literally the realisation of a dream.

Whyte Horses Experience | Royal Festival Hall

Playing somewhere like the Royal Festival Hall, it’s where we want to be. It’s almost like playing in an art gallery for us; it’s got the acoustics, it’s got the aesthetic, it’s got the history.
Dom Thomas, Whyte Horses


Whyte Horses Experience perform alongside special guest artists including Badly Drawn Boy, La Roux, members of The Go! Team, Mélanie Pain and St Bart's Choir, here at Southbank Centre on 13 September.

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