Conversations in the Archive: The New Art (1972)


In this short film Sir Nicholas Serota and Anne d’Offay discuss The New Art, a landmark exhibition of British conceptual art that took place at the Hayward Gallery in 1972. 

Conversations in the Archive: The New Art (1972)


This video is part of Conversations in the Archive, a series of films exploring seminal exhibitions from Hayward Gallery’s history. In each film, artists and curators involved in the exhibition are captured in conversation, with archival material acting as a prompt for reflection and recollection. 

Holding on to this material is intriguing in its own terms, but it also helps to build a bigger picture of what really motivated people in visiting exhibitions, in making exhibitions and in making art in the early 1970s. Without this documentation it would be a series of myths.
Sir Nicholas Serota

The forthcoming films in the series feature artists Liliane Lijn and Deanna Petherbridge and exhibition organiser Catherine Lampert on the so-called ‘women’s exhibition’, Hayward Annual 78 (1978); art historians Dawn Adès and Elizabeth Cowling on Dada and Surrealism Reviewed (1978);Anish Kapoor and Martin Caiger-Smith (ex-Head of Exhibitions at Hayward Gallery) on the artist’s solo exhibition at the gallery in 1998; and writer, curator and musician David Toop and artist Christian Marclay on Sonic Boom: The Art of Sound (2000), a groundbreaking exhibition of sound art. 

Commissioned by Hayward Gallery for its 50th anniversary, with Art Fund support. 


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