Bridget Riley: Colour

'When you stand back from Bridget Riley's work, it's sort of alive with flutters of colour'. Dr Cliff Lauson, Senior Curator at Hayward Gallery and curator of the artist’s current retrospective, explores the significance of colour in Bridget Riley's work.

Starting with Riley’s early colour paintings, Lauson examines how the artist first began to work with colour in the late 1960s, and looks at the way that she used stripes – and later, curves and diagonals – to explore the way that different colours interact.

Bridget Riley: Colour | Hayward Gallery


When you stand in front of the picture your eyes start to settle into the rhythm of the colour, and the paintings start to vibrate.
Dr Cliff Lauson, Senior Curator at Hayward Gallery, on Bridget Riley


Bridget Riley is at Hayward Gallery from Wednesday 23 October to Sunday 26 January.

Hayward Gallery is open 11am – 7pm every day except Tuesdays when the gallery is closed, with late night opening on Thursdays until 9pm.

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Bridget Riley is organised by the National Galleries of Scotland in partnership with Hayward Gallery.