Boy stepping off the curb, N.Y.C. 1957–58, by Diane Arbus

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Jeff L. Rosenheim, Curator in Charge of the Department of Photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and curator of Hayward Gallery’s diane arbus: in the beginning introduces us to one of the photographs in the exhibition.

According to Rosenheim, Boy stepping off the curb, N.Y.C. 1957–58 shows how Arbus’ approach to documentary photography differed to that of her peers. Rather than act as a ‘fly on the wall’, Arbus used her camera as a way to connect with her subjects.

Diane Arbus | Boy stepping off the curb | Works in Focus

Arbus wanted to be seen, she wanted to be implicated in her work.
Jeff L. Rosenheim


This exhibition is organised by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


diane arbus: in the beginning was at Hayward Gallery from 13 February until 6 May.

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