Being a Man 2015 | Beyond The Bass Line - Men & Singing

Hear an intriguing conversation about men’s relationship with singing.

Being a Man 2015 | Beyond The Bass Line - Men And Singing

Whether they’re in boy bands or taking the stage as international superstars, the portrayal of men in popular music culture places them at the forefront of singing and songwriting.
However, mixed community choirs across the UK report a lack of men, and often no men at all.

What inspires men to sing in their homes and on the football pitch, but prevents them from joining their local choir? Find out more about masculinity, sexuality, expression and group activity in this session, which also looks to cultures and traditions that place different values on singing. Plus, discover how singing can be a platform for improved wellbeing, self-esteem and sense of community.

The speakers include Dominic Stichbury, Director of Chaps’ Choir; Clinton Jordan, Director of Jordan Music Workshops; and Dr Emily Falconer, Senior Research Assistant at London South Bank University.

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