Alchemy | Shye Ben-Tzur - Challa Wahi Desh


A past Alchemy highlight, Qawwali singer and composer Shye Ben-Tzur and guest guitarist Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood perform 'Challa Wahi Desh'.

Alchemy | Shye Ben-Tzur and Jonny Greenwood - Challa Wahi Desh

Shye Ben-Tzur performed his UK debut at Alchemy in 2016. He was joined by Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead. Together they gave traditional sounds a new and experimental edge.

Israeli composer, poet and performer Shye Ben-Tzur's musical roots lie in Indian classical music, and have evolved to become a cross-cultural mix of genres, languages and rhythms.

He has collaborated with traditional Sufi Qawwals and folk artists from various communities in Rajasthan, and also composes and writes poetry in Urdru, Hindi and Hebrew. He now spends his time between India and Israel, and tours around the world.


  • Shye Ben Tzur vocal, bansuri, guitar
  • Itamar Doari percussion
  • Liat Sabbah cello
  • Zakir Ali Qawwal vocals, harmonium
  • Zaki Ali Qawwal vocals
  • Chugge Khan Manganiar khartal, bhapang
  • Nihal Khan Manganiar dholak
  • Jonny Greenwood special guest

Generously supported by The Embassy of Israel in London. Percussion, musical arrangements and production by Itamar Doari.

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