African Futures: What Next? Africa Utopia 2017 podcast

What chance do African nations have of thriving in the new global and political landscape? What impact will Brexit and Trump have on trade, growth and foreign policy and how will the continent drive its own agenda Hear from leading activists, academics and experts as they predict what the future holds for the continent and its diaspora.

Africa: Feminism and the Future by southbankcentre

Speakers in our podcast include Grassroots Coordinator at Women for Refugee Women, Marchu Girma; founding member of Sierra Leone Diaspora Network, Ade Daramy; founder of Cassava Republic Press, Bibi Bakare-Yusu; and Resident Representative of Republic of Somaliland to the UK & Commonwealth, Ayan Mahamoud. Chaired by journalist and founder of Nzinga Effect, Eliza Anyangwe.

Africa Utopia is Southbank Centre's annual festival celebrating the arts and culture of one of the world's most dynamic and fast-changing continents.

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The Sicilian Mafia gets to be 'distinguished', whereas we're 'machete wielding'.
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