Staff profile: Joseph Semakula, Corporate Development Officer

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When and how did you come to work at Southbank Centre? 

I joined Southbank Centre as a Visitor Experience Host in 2008, with the aim of working for a month or so as a summer job, whilst I was at college. I was told about the job from a friend who was also working as a Host at Southbank Centre. A month soon turned into eight years, working throughout university as a Host, and then moving to Development in 2015.

What’s your typical day here?

There is no such thing as a typical day at Southbank Centre. Our artistic offering is so diverse that you never know what might come up. As a result, the people we engage with on a day to day basis are also diverse.

What do you enjoy most about working at Southbank Centre?

It’s a beautiful destination. So many people travel from far and wide to spend a day here, but we get paid to be here. And there are endless numbers of opportunities to enjoy what’s here – from staff tickets to discounts in the restaurants.

How has your role developed over time?

As I have got more and more confident in my role, my team have encouraged me to take more and more ownership of my work. With the support of my team, I have been given the freedom to make my role my own.​

What advice you would give to someone who is thinking about working here, or in the arts in general?

Definitely go for it! No matter what you are into, there will definitely be something at Southbank Centre that you love. 


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